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Six Of The Best Brain Boosting Foods

Posted in General Health 20 Feb, 2015

Just like any other part of the body, your brain requires maintenance. Think of your brain as being like a car, you have to put petrol in to keep it going and feeding it the wrong fuel can cause problems. Knowing which foods are right for your brain is important if you want to improve your brain power, memory and overall mental wellbeing. Read on for the brain boosting foods that we are think are worth bearing in mind.

Wholegrains – Just like every other part of the body, the brain can’t function without sufficient energy. Wholegrains are healthy and they’re sure to keep you going. ‘Brown products’ – like bran cereal, brown bread and brown rice or pasta – are the best choices and are excellent options in any case, even if extra brainpower isn’t your chief priority.

Fish – Rumours about seafood being a good source of brainpower have been circulating for years. It’s the kind of thing that your mum or your dad will tell you to eat before an exam or interview and it turns out that there’s actually some science behind it. Omega 3 fats are a big part of fish, especially oily fish, and research has found that these nutrients are excellent for not only brain function but your heart and general wellbeing as well.

Blueberries – A study conducted at Tufts University over in the US has suggested that eating blueberries might be an effective way of improving your short-term memory. They’re also high in vitamins and easy to eat, so blueberries can be enjoyed as a part of your daily routine. Additionally it is has been suggested that the Vitamin C present in blueberries is effective in improving mental agility – so there’s another reason to include this little treat in your diet.

Avocado – A source of monounsaturated fats, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, the avocado increases blood flow to the brain, lowers your cholesterol and aids in the absorption of antioxidants. The tasty fruit can be used in a huge number of recipes and is particularly popular as a cooling presence to combat heat in spicy meals.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate contains flavonols, which improve blood flow, boosting cognitive function and memory. Additionally, cocoa itself is full of good qualities and, when eaten in moderation, can improve a person’s mood, ease pain and provide antioxidants. As with any other food, and especially with sweet products like chocolate, it’s important not to overindulge, but including some in your diet can be an excellent way to establish healthier brain function.

Spinach – Studies have shown that spinach can play a part in delaying or even preventing dementia. The nutrients in this leaf vegetable can prevent damage to DNA, and it has also been suggested that it can help avoid cancer cell growth and tumour growth. Also a good source of folate and vitamin E, spinach is an all-round good choice for anybody conscious of their health.

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