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Brexit would be bad for the pharmaceutical industry

Posted in General Health 08 Mar, 2016

Should we stay or should we go? The Clash asked that question in their punk rock classic , and the British government is now asking the same. The Brexit public referendum is scheduled for June...Read more

Face Your Fears: Phobia & Health

Posted in General Health 13 Oct, 2015

It's Face Your Fears Week, so why not take a moment to think about your fears. I don't mean the terror of broadband outage or the look on your dad's face when you say 'I've got something to tell...Read more

Health Benefits Of Walking, For The Kids & You!

Posted in General Health 06 Oct, 2015

Oh look, it's Walk to School Month. Not long ago 70% of kids walked to school, now it's less than 46%. Let's take a look at that. I used to struggle with why parents fought their way through...Read more

Trying To Cut Out Sugar? Don't!

Posted in General Health 29 Sep, 2015

Completely cutting out sugar is about as futile as trying to high-five Vladimir Putin, but with research showing that sugar contributes to bad cardiovascular health, obesity, and high blood...Read more

Lower Your Blood Pressure, Eat These Foods

Posted in General Health 15 Sep, 2015

We all know that healthy blood pressure is achieved by eating well, exercising and throwing away the cigarettes, but what food should we eat if processed meals, crisps and beers are off the list?...Read more

Are Older People Drinking Too Much?

Posted in General Health 08 Sep, 2015

When we look back to our drinking and partying days the amount of alcohol we consumed was horrific. 'Those were the days!' We dreamily utter, hastily forgetting the time we lost our knickers at the...Read more