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5 impotence myths debunked

Posted in Erectile Dysfunction 23 Jan, 2012

Affecting more than 150 million men worldwide, erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is one of the most common sexual problems in men. Despite its prevalence, myths about virility, sexual performance and impotence still persist. Many of the male impotence misconceptions are borne out of either old wives' tales or distorted science. Here below are some prevalent impotence myths dispelled:

Myth#1: Impotence is just a psychological problem

Not entirely true. Research has found that less than 20% male impotence cases have a primary psychological cause. Mostly, physical problems like diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer are the primary causes of erectile dysfunction. Psychological problems like stress and anxiety are often secondary causes of impotence.

Myth#2: Wearing tight underwear can make you impotent

There is no scientific evidence to support the saying that tight underwear causes erectile dysfunction. However, tight underwear can be blamed for infertility, as it increases scrotal temperature, resulting in decreased sperm production.

Myth#3: Age and impotence go hand in hand

Although erectile dysfunction is common in older people, that doesn't mean it's always due to a person's age. Medicines taken to cure certain health problems like diabetes, heart problems and hypertension might cause impotence in older men. Impotence is not an inevitable part of ageing.

Myth#4: Impotence cannot be treated

Though there is no permanent cure for erectile dysfunction, but there are several medications and therapies that can treat the problem. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are FDA approved oral medications that are quite effective treatment for male impotence. Besides, impotence injections, penile implants and vacuum pumps are other treatment options available.

Myth#5: Once you have erectile dysfunction, you can no longer enjoy sex

The majority of men over 30 years of age experience impotence as least once in their lifetime. Once impotence is effectively treated, most men can return to enjoy satisfying sex lives.

For further information about the problems men encounter as a result of impotence, please visit our impotence medical page on the main website. Or for direct advice, give our friendly Patient Supports Team a call.

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