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Telling your partner you’re impotent

Posted in Erectile Dysfunction 31 Mar, 2011

Picture the scene. You are sat on the bedside with your partner. You look her in the eye and say “there is something I need to tell you.” You then explain that you have been having some problems lately. “What kind of problems?” she says thoughtfully. You take a deep breath and explain: erectile dysfunction problems.

How does she react? Well that depends what your partner is like. But if she truly loves you then she will understand. And of course, the chances are she already knows.

Men often make a big deal about speaking to their partner about erectile dysfunction. But in reality, there is rarely any reason to be. Maybe there was once a taboo surrounding the condition. But that was blown out of the water when Viagra appeared in the late 1990s. Nowadays it is a common and recognised condition that is considered unremarkable by most people.

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