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Overcoming erectile dysfunction: naturally

Posted in Erectile Dysfunction 07 Mar, 2011

Amidst the wider male population, around one in ten men is affected by erectile dysfunction. But within the mature age bracket, erectile dysfunction is even more widespread, affecting 40%, according to Pfizer, the company responsible for Viagra.

For a condition that is so common, erectile dysfunction is rarely discussed. Men are often embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it. They avoid telling their doctor, or their partner, and the problem persists. All the while the impotence treatments Viagra, Levitra and Cialis could be helping them to regain a healthy erectile function.

Medicines are not the only tools that can be used against impotence. There are also natural or ‘self help’ ways that men can prevent the condition.

Eating a healthy diet – one that incorporates fresh fruit and vegetables – can go some way towards restoring your overall health. This, in turn, can reduce your chance of suffering impotence. High fat diets can cause clogged arteries: a known physical cause of erectile dysfunction.

Mentally, there are also measures you can take to prevent impotence. Getting yourself into a relaxed mindset can go a long way. Impotence is often the result of mental stress and worry.

If natural methods alone don’t help you back to sexual health, then Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are all clinically proven to restore a natural balance, and treat erectile dysfunction.

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