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Levitra: the unsung treatment for impotence

Posted in Erectile Dysfunction 24 Dec, 2010

It can be hard to live up to your partner’s expectations if you frequently struggle with erection problems. Health magazines make asking your doctor for a diagnosis sound like a simple request, although such matters take courage and time to overcome. You could always buy a treatment online, but then how do you know which drug is right for you?

A solid tip is to always choose prescription medication over herbal remedies for the best results. Levitra and other such prescription impotence tablets undergo clinical trials on a regular basis, which back up their success claims. In fact, Levitra is often overshadowed by Viagra and Cialis but the effectiveness of this orange oral tablet should not be underestimated. It contains the active ingredient vardenafil and has been proven to be effective for 80% of users.

Official trials also show that Levitra is more effective in people with diabetes. In trials 72 per cent of men with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes reported significantly improved erections. The treatment was said not to interact with diabetes medication and therefore taking it should not affect your diabetes control.

Erectile dysfunction causes many preventable problems within relationships. It causes psychological problems too, which, in turn, can dissuade impotent men from wanting to have sex. If you think diabetes may be preventing you from keeping an erection when aroused, try Levitra to end your impotence worries.

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