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Results From Impotence Survey Suggest a Need for Alternative to GP's Appointment

Posted in Erectile Dysfunction 16 Sep, 2011

121doc conducted a recent poll to find out if men aged 40+ would openly discuss their erection problems with a local GP.

When surveyed, almost one-third of men admitted they would choose not to consult their GP for professional medical advice or treatment.

Of those men who answered no, over 40 per cent agreed that impotence is a condition too embarrassing to discuss with a doctor face-to-face.

Surprisingly, 34 per cent also ruled out a doctor’s visit and would deal with the issue themselves, meaning the condition would remain undiagnosed.

A further 12 per cent of those men surveyed revealed they would not visit their doctor for advice or treatment because they are too scared to open up about their problem.

The remaining 10 per cent of men simply put it down to not having enough free time.

In light of the results from the 121doc poll, it is evident that a large number of men in the UK still believe there is a stigma attached to the notion of visiting a local doctor for guidance. For others, the problem remains undiagnosed because it is an issue of time, which could suggest there is a demand for a faster, more discreet route to treatment.

Impotence serves as a precursor for long-term problems like diabetes and a consequence of psychological disorders including stress and depression. Erection problems also have a direct impact on a man's life and marriage. It is suggested that impotence is involved in one in five failed marriages.

For these reasons alone, it is essential that men suffering from an impotence problem consider speaking to a doctor to find a solution and to avoid further social and psychological complications.

121doc offers a comprehensive, highly confidential online service whereby men suffering from impotence can receive genuine medication from a UK doctor, prescription included. This service requires no doctor’s appointment or pharmacy visit, and includes 24 hour delivery.

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