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Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Posted in Erectile Dysfunction 29 Dec, 2015
Impotence/erectile dysfunction treatments FAQ

When should I seek medical help? Who should I see?

If you have frequent problems achieving or maintaining an erection, you should consult a doctor about your condition. You can see a general practitioner or an online doctor, but the practical option would be to consult a urologist, preferably one specializing in ED.

Treating psychologically induced impotence

Standard impotence/erectile dysfunction treatment for psychogenic ED is talk or behavioural therapy, or a combination of the two. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, oral impotence/erectile dysfunction treatments available on prescription, have a better chance of working in cases of psychogenic ED.

Are cock rings an effective impotence/erectile dysfunction treatment?

If you can get a partial erection, then a cock ring can help you maintain it and maybe help you get a little harder. If you can get fully erect but lose the erection a cock ring may solve your problem.

Are penis pumps an effective impotence/erectile dysfunction treatment?

Penis pumps have a positive impact on ED for most users. Common complaints include lack of spontaneity and the hassle of assembling the device. A common drawback of using penis pumps is pinpoint hemorrhages or bruising, which happens when you apply vacuum too quickly.

Is surgery effective an impotence/erectile dysfunction treatment?

There are several implants used to treat ED: semi-rigid rods, multi-component inflatables, and self-contained inflatables. Semi-rigid rods are the most user-friendly of all three and consist of a pair of flexible rods that are implanted in the penis. It can be hard to hide the always-erect penis under clothing.

Are herbal remedies an effective impotence/erectile dysfunction treatment?

Among the herbs used for treating men with ED are yohimbine, gingko biloba, ginseng, pygeum and muira puama. Unfortunately, herbal clinical studies on herbal remedies are rare; only yohimbine has undergone testing, and is found to work about 15-20% of the time, usually as a psychological impotence/erectile dysfunction treatment.

Are prescription meds effective impotence/erectile dysfunction treatments?

Viagra has reported success rates between 65-88% overall, as opposed to 39% for placebo. Further positive results have been produced with Cialis and Levitra, two other well-established oral anti-impotence medications. Prescription impotence/erectile dysfunction treatments can work in as little as 30 minutes and remain active within the body for up to 4-5 hours.

At what dosage are prescription impotence/erectile dysfunction treatments available?

Viagra is administered at 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.
Regular Cialis (36 hour treatment) is administered at 10mg and 20mg.
Cialis Once A Day (24 hour treatment) is administered at 2.5mg and 5mg.
Levitra is administered at 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

Are prescription impotence/erectile dysfunction treatments harmful?

Prescription meds taken with organic nitrates can cause dangerously low blood pressure in users. Check with your doctor about any medications you may be taking.

Can I buy impotence/erectile dysfunctional treatments online?

You can place an order for genuine branded impotence/erectile dysfunction treatments at 121doc any time of day or night. All patients will need to take a consultation before their medication is approved. Click here to start your free private medical consultation for impotence/erectile dysfunction treatment.

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