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Type 2 Diabetes May Have a Link With Potatoes, Harvard Researchers Find

Posted in Diabetes 07 Jan, 2016

Potatoes have been regarded as something of a wonder vegetable since they were first brought over by 16th century explorers returning from the Americas. Able to grow in conditions that would kill...Read more

Rosemary & Oregano Have Diabetes-Fighting Compounds, Reveals New Study

Posted in Diabetes 25 Jul, 2014

It’s been well documented that most herbs are good for us. Many natural ones have been used for thousands of years to heal serious skin ailments, curb people’s alcohol intake and even kill life...Read more

How to celebrate World Diabetes Day

Posted in Diabetes 11 Nov, 2010

World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign for diabetes. Since 1991 WDD has been celebrated every year on November 14, usually to a specific theme related to diabetes. Read more