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Preparation is key

Posted in Contraception 18 Mar, 2011

Preparing for emergencies is important. This applies to pretty much all the utterly random, unexpected events life throws at us, but here, we are talking about emergencies of a sexual nature, which come out of the blue and leave you worrying that you might be pregnant – without wanting to be.

If you are not deliberately trying to become pregnant through sexual intercourse with a loving partner, then using a condom, or another dependable form of contraceptive, is strongly advisable.

But it is understandable that occasionally, accidents do happen, and that people can end up having sex without contraception, even when they know better. In this situation, emergency contraception can help. 'The morning after pill' is what most people talk about when they discuss emergency contraception, but that's actually a misnomer – most of the pills actually work for 72 hours after sex and one, called ellaOne, actually works for up five days.

Having emergency contraception ready beforehand, tucked away in a bedroom drawer perhaps, is an extremely wise move. These pills are not suitable for regular contraception (the daily oral contraceptive tablet, better known simply as 'the pill', is ideal for that purpose). But they are up to 98% reliable in the case of an emergency.

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