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Posted in Contraception 06 Jan, 2016

A popular branded progestogen-only pill (POP), Femulen offers round-the-clock protection from pregnancy. The Femulen compound includes a single artificial ingredient to stop conception during sex. It is a highly effective method of contraception particularly for women who are unsuitable to use an oestrogen pill. Femulen can be used safely by women over 35 who smoke, and during breastfeeding.

  • More tolerable for over 35's, smokers, breastfeeding women
  • Offers comprehensive contraceptive cover
  • Taken back-to-back during the cycle

How does Femulen work?

The synthetic progestogen in Femulen is similar to the progesterone hormone produced by the ovaries. It works mainly by thickening the cervical mucus to stop sperm from getting through to the womb to fertilise an egg. Femulen also makes the lining of the uterus thinner. This makes it difficult for a fertilised egg to attach itself here to develop. It also has some effect on the ovaries and ovulation may not happen.

When to start taking Femulen

Start taking Femulen on the first day of your period. You may start taking your pills up to your fifth day of bleeding but a barrier method of contraception will be required for 7 days. Unlike combined oral contraceptive pills where 3 weeks of tablets are taken before a 7 day break, Femulen tablets must be taken continuously, at the same time every day. If you are more than three hours late taking your pill, you will not be protected against conception. If this occurs, use a barrier method of contraception for the next two days, while continuing with your usual pill taking.

Precautions for using Femulen

You cannot take Femulen if you are allergic to its ingredients or have;

  • Known or suspected pregnancy
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding of unknown cause
  • Severe disease of the arteries, that has caused a stroke or heart attack
  • Current blood clot in a vein of the leg or in the lungs
  • A recent history of breast cancer
  • A history of active liver disease/cancer
  • Rare hereditary blood disorders (porphyrias)

During the online consultation, always mention any medications you are taking, prescription or otherwise, so the doctor can be sure Femulen is safe for you to use.

Are there side effects?

Femulen is suitable for the majority of women over 18, especially those sensitive to synthetic oestrogen. As with all medications, side effects may occur. These include breast tenderness, acne, changes in menstrual bleeding and nausea. If one or more side effects persist, contact your doctor or healthcare provider who may recommend a more suitable contraceptive pill.

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