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How Ultraproct works

It contains fluocortolone, which is a corticosteroid. This is a natural steroid that is able to reduce inflammation in the area where it is applied. Haemorrhoids usually develop as a result of pressure placed on blood vessels in the back passage causing the area to become irritated. This irritation triggers a response by the immune system that causes inflammation.

Corticosteroids can stop this inflammation from occurring by preventing immune chemicals from being released that result in inflammation. Corticosteroids are highly effective and can aid recovery over a period of time. Ultraproct also contains cinchocaine, local anaesthetic, for immediate relief. So applying this medication will have a numbing effect on the area of application, temporarily blocking nerve impulses from moving along nerve fibres.

People who can take Ultraproct

This is a treatment intended for adults who require relief from the pain caused by haemorrhoids. You should, however, not use this medication if you are allergic to the active ingredient or currently have a viral, bacterial or fungal infection that you have not spoken to your doctor about. This is particularly the case with infections caused by the herpes virus.

If you are ordering Ultraproct online, you should make sure that you complete our online questionnaire as thoroughly as possible, mentioning any other medications you are taking as well as if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or if you are thinking of becoming pregnant.

Using Ultraproct ointment and suppositories

The ointment can be applied internally as well as externally with the help of a specially designed applicator nozzle. The treatment should initially be applied twice daily followed by a once daily application until the symptoms have cleared up.

If your symptoms are only internal, the suppository may be a better option. Initial treatment will require the medicine to be inserted three to four times a day, followed by a once daily dose for up to seven days. You should talk to your doctor if your symptoms don't clear up.

Side effects

Side effects aren't common with this medication, particularly since it's only used on the area where it is required. Some of the most commonly reported symptoms may include rashes around the application area and skin may also start to become thinner with extended use.

If you experience any side effects that are bothering or worrying you, you should speak to your doctor.

Ordering Ultraproct online

Ultraproct suppositories and ointment can be ordered from 121doc, but to ensure patient safety we ask you to complete a confidential online consultation form as part of the ordering process. This will only be checked by our qualified doctor and will help them provide the right prescription for your needs. As soon as a prescription is issued, you will be notified and your order will be dispensed and dispatched directly from our pharmacy. All orders are shipped for overnight delivery, free of charge. Visit our haemorrhoids information page for information on the available prescription medications we offer.


Overview Haemorrhoid treatmentHaemorrhoid treatmentHaemorrhoid treatment
  Type of treatment
Type of treatment Topical treatment, suppositoryTopical treatment, suppositoryTopical treatment
  Active ingredient(s)
Active ingredient(s) Prednisolone hexanoate & Cinchocaine hydrochlorideHydrocortisone & Cinchocaine hydrochloridePramocaine Hydrochloride
Features Used internally & externally to reduce pain & itchingUsed internally & externally to reduce pain & itchingFive active ingredients that relieve discomfort externally & internally
Breastfeeding CautionCautionCaution
Pregnant CautionCautionCaution
Application Ointment, suppositoryOintment, suppositoryCream
  How to take
How to take For ointment: apply directly to the affected area; For suppository: insert directly into the anusFor ointment: apply directly to the affected area; For suppository: insert directly into the anusApply directly to the affected area.
  Pricing starts at
Pricing starts at £22.99£29.99£24.95
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