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  • Perinal
  • Perinal Spray
  • Perinal Spray
  • Perinal
  • Perinal Spray
  • Perinal Spray
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Perinal is a comprehensive haemorrhoid treatment that deals with the actual swelling while providing relief from pain and itching by numbing the area. These two actions therefore improve a patient's comfort level and aid recovery. Perinal is available in a spray, making it easy to apply to the anus to stop discomfort.

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How Perinal spray works

It is intended to alleviate the external symptoms of piles and contains hdyrocortisone and lidocaine hydropchloride. Hydrocortisone is a natural type of cortisone, known as a corticosteroid, which stops the swelling of blood vessels in the back passage. Swelling of the blood vessels occur because of irritation as a result of pressure. Using a corticosteroid prevents this irritation from causing inflammation, but it can take time to work, which is why the addition of lidocaine in this formula is so beneficial.

Lidocaine hydrochloride is a local anaesthetic, so when applied to a particular area, it temporarily affects the nerves, inhibiting them from relaying impulses to the brain that tell it that the area is experiencing pain and discomfort.

Who can use it?

Perinal is safe to use in general, because it's just used topically, but should be avoided if you are allergic to the active ingredient. You should also not use this treatment if you are experiencing severe anal bleeding, you have recently experienced significant weight loss or you have a swollen stomach.

When doing an online consultation with 121doc, you should mention any medications or past medical conditions so that our doctor can provide a prescription that is tailored to your individual needs.

How to use Perinal spray

The spray should only be used for external haemorrhoids and should therefore not be applied on the inside of the rectum. General application guidelines suggest that the treatment be applied three times a day and that you don't continue using this treatment for longer than seven days without speaking to your doctor.

The side effects

Side effects experienced with this treatment are usually very mild because it's only administered topically. The most common effects are: a temporary tingling or irritation of the area where it has been applied. These side effects shouldn't be a cause for concern, but if any of them persist or you experience anything severe, you should seek immediate medical help.

Ordering Online

Perinal spray can be ordered from 121doc, however we ask all our patients to complete a consultation form when they place their orders. This is so that our doctors can evaluate whether you can use this medication safely and make recommendations if required. If our doctor feels that you can safely use this treatment, they will provide a prescription, which will be processed by our pharmacy and shipped via discreet overnight delivery service. Visit our haemorrhoids treatment page for information on the available prescription medications we offer.

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Perinal Spray
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